Key Notes

  1. Willy Müller (Informatik Strategieorgan Bund, Switzerland):
    The eGovernment Architecture of Switzerland

    Switzerland is a confederation of 26 cantons with about 2700 municipalities that have delegated certain tasks to the central administration. In many respects Switzerland is a small EU. Independence is a highly appreciated value but the time where the individual administrations can define the strategies in a completely independent way is over. That’s why the Swiss eGovernment Architecture Community works on a holistic view that spans the different administration levels: What are the principles we have to follow and core elements of the infrastructure our administrations need to provide helpful services to enterprises and citizens? How can we build a flexible system to help all stakeholders to do their job better, cheaper and faster? By means of Swiss examples we show challenges we are confronted with, architectural visions, success stories, lessons learnt and problems to solve in the future.
  2. Andreas Abecker (Department Manager Knowledge Management, Research Center for Information Technologies)
    Semantic Technologies for e-Government: Technology, Applications, and Perspectives
  3. Markus Fischer (Subprojectleader of SuisseID)
    The SuisseID: Introduction and  ways for using it
    The Secretary of state for economics (SECO) launched the SuisseID In May 2010. It is the first product standardized for the electronic identity in Switzerland.

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